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into the parisian underworld


Thursday, April 24, 2008

How's everyone doing? It's been quiet around here lately just wanted to make sure everyone's alive and well! :)

I've been a bit of a slacker... I'm on page 1169, the beginning of the Jean Valjean section and I haven't posted any reviews! Oh dear! So much for being on top of it. Guess I'll just have to do one big one when I'm finished, but I'll still break it down and review by sections.

Hope everyone's hanging in there! Don't forget this isn't a race and I hope everyone's enjoying the process! Please check in and let us know whereabouts you're at (some of us are nosy!).


posted by Ashleigh, 09:49


I'm working on Cosette's part still. I think she's finally going to get rescued! I think it will take me most of the summer to get it all read, but I like just reading a little each day. I need to copy the post I wrote over here (I meant to before, but got a little distracted).
I believe I'm the slackest slacker of all. I'd borrowed a copy from the library rather than buying one and had to return it before I got more than 50 pages in. I've been meaning to check it out again but have been wallowing in mystery novels instead! At this pace, I think I'd better buy myself a copy and plan to spend a good bit of the summer working my way slowly through it.
Glad to see you guys are still hanging in there! Shucks Kate I hate having to return library books that I didn't have time to finish. Definitely see if you can snag yourself a copy, the Signet translation (which I rather enjoy) is about $7.99 but you can probably get it cheaper on amazon.com - I think I got my copy for about £2 which is about $4.
At first I borrowed a copy from the library too and then decided I just had to buy a copy as I know it's going to take ages for me to read it. I got the Penguin Classics translation (I think everyone else has the Signet translation)so I'll be referring to different page numbers. It reads well, but I still haven't got to the end of Part 1 - Fantine is dying. I haven't written anything at all about it although I have started to draft some thoughts.
Hi Ashleigh! I just finished Marius' parts, so I'm planning on typing up my thoughts on at least Cossette's (and Marius' if I have teh dedication) tonight. :) (It's snowing here, and all of my friends know not to call me to go out when it's snowing after March!! So I have a big stack of books and hot tea instead)

You've finished, right? Can't wait to see your thoughts!
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